Thursday, October 2, 2014

Church and Site Visit Preparations

Hey everyone.  There is not too much to report on this week.  I still have lots of training and my French is slowly improving.  I'm learning a lot about public health and health problems in Cameroon.  With my family I have been carrying water from the nearest well....which is exhausting! I also went to a Catholic Church service in Mengong.  It was really cool seeing the same service I would see in a Catholic Church in California in West Africa but with some Bulu (and some French spoken) as well as traditional (Christian) songs and outfits in the choir.  Also I have learned to scale and gut a fish and will hopefully learn to prepare a chicken as well with my home family!

Next week I will be going to a volunteer post with three other trainees to see the life and work of a volunteer in Fundong, Cameroon.  Fundong is in the Northwestern province and is well know for it's many tribes with their deep cultural roots.  It is also a Pigin English speaking region.  It is also mountainous which I love!  The week after that I will find out where my own post will be!  Lately we have been interacting more and more with current volunteers who are a wealth of wisdom and stories.  However I think the volunteer post visits will be particularly interesting because I will get a real taste of how I will be living and what I will be doing.

That's all for now!  News on my sight visit next time!

Au revoir!

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